The Team - USA

Dominic Freud

Staffing Specialist - Executive Jobs

Dominic has spent his entire career in the international equity profession. Educated at Westminster School and Christ Church Oxford, Dominic started his career in the City of London as a research analyst at Sheppards & Chase, covering the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. He then joined James Capel, the number one firm in the industry at the time, before moving to New York in 1986 to start a US office for Sheppards & Chase. He then started the European equities operation in New York for Paribas before being appointed head of international equities at Societe Generale USA.

After 20 years on the sell side, it was time for a new challenge and Dominic joined SLS Capital, a long/short equity fund, to lead the international equity practice. In 2003 he moved to OppenheimerFunds to start and lead the international value strategy and was portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer Europe Fund, the Oppenheimer International Value Fund, the Oppenheimer Quest International Value Fund and co-manager of the Oppenheimer International Small Cap Fund.

He lives in New York with his wife of 23 years and their three children and enjoys tennis, golf, politics and cooking and eating fine food.


Stephan Pizenberg

Staffing Specialist - Permanent Jobs

Born and raised in Africa, Stephan is a French citizen who has lived in the US since 1987. With over 20 years of experience in domestic and international equity sales, Stephan has developed unparalleled relationships with some of the most prestigious International and Global Value investors in North America.

After graduating from Northeastern University in 1988 Stephan started his career on Wall Street selling US equities. Once he had built a strong knowledge base of the US equity market Stephan joined the Paribas European Equity sales desk where he stayed for  9 years, building and developing his expertise in European stocks.

In 2000 he was hired as a Managing Director for the European Equity desk of Societe Generale by  Dominic Freud and became co-head of the desk upon Dominic’s departure. After 11 years at Societe Generale as a co-head of cash equity and head of sales it was time to take a new challenge.

Stephan founded FPIA Partners with Dominic Freud in 2012 with a commitment to bring a new high standard to executive search for the global equity industry.

He lives in New York with his wife of 19 years and their 2 children.


Jeremy Hardisty

Staffing Specialist - Temporary Jobs

Jeremy has been in the International Equity business since 1987 when he started at Martin Currie, on the buy side, in Edinburgh, UK.

Educated at London University, Queen Mary College, Jeremy holds a Law degree, LLB (hons). In 1990 Jeremy moved to the sell side with UBS in London where he worked on their Continental European equity sales desk, selling to UK institutions. In 1993 a move to the New York office began a long career with UBS in the USA culminating in his appointment to head of all International Equity sales to US institutions in 2000, a position Jeremy maintained  until his departure in 2005. From 2005 until 2009 Jeremy worked on various projects including the role of a non executive director on the hedge fund, Zebedee Capital. He maintains that board position, which helps provide invaluable insight in the London based hedge fund business. In 2009 once again he took up the role of head of international equities at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Jeremy has been married to his wife, Gina, for 25 years and has two sons, 19 and 23. He currently lives in Rye, NY and also resides in Naples, FL.  He enjoys running, cycling, music, and fishing.


Sophie Gokul

Staffing Specialist - Temporary Jobs

Born and raised in India, Sophie has lived in the US since 2009.

Sophie has a Bachelors in Commerce and a Masters in Human Resources Management from the University of Madras, India and completed an advanced program in Marketing Management from NYU.

Prior to FPIA Partners, she worked at D.E. Shaw, a global investment and technology firm, and ran the operations of a private business in India. She is our latest partner and splits her time between managing the operations of FPIA Partners and recruiting efforts.

Sophie lives in New York with her husband of 7 years and young son. She enjoys running, group fitness activities and always appreciates a good book recommendation.