Jeremy Hardisty

Jeremy has been in the International Equity business since 1987 when he started at Martin Currie, on the buy side, in Edinburgh, UK.

Educated at London University, Queen Mary College, Jeremy holds a Law degree, LLB (hons). In 1990 Jeremy moved to the sell side with UBS in London where he worked on their Continental European equity sales desk, selling to UK institutions. In 1993 a move to the New York office began a long career with UBS in the USA culminating in his appointment to head of all International Equity sales to US institutions in 2000, a position Jeremy maintained  until his departure in 2005. From 2005 until 2009 Jeremy worked on various projects including the role of a non executive director on the hedge fund, Zebedee Capital. He maintains that board position, which helps provide invaluable insight in the London based hedge fund business. In 2009 once again he took up the role of head of international equities at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Jeremy has been married to his wife, Gina, for 25 years and has two sons. He currently lives in La Jolla, California. He enjoys running, cycling, music, and fishing.



    : (+1) 858-203-3562